Meet our Pastor and First Lady

Alan and Tammy Reynolds became the Pastor and First Lady of Grace Gospel Worship Center in September 2005.  They are parents to two children, a daughter and son, and grandparents to six adorable little people. They love children and young people, so they have several who call them mom, dad, Gigi and PopPop.

Their burden is first and foremost for souls, leading them to the saving message of Jesus Christ and the New Birth experience of Acts 2:38. Sis. Tammy Reynolds is a licensed minister, dynamic teacher of the Word, and an anointed woman of God. Pastor Reynolds won't hesitate to tell you that he has experienced the miraculous saving power of Jesus Christ in his life! They are very active and involved within the community, supporting the District 5 Police Department and the District 5 Community Coffee Club.

GGWC Staff

Our mission is to serve

Alan Reynolds
  • Pastor
Tammy Reynolds
  • Church Administrator
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Herb Reynolds
  • Bishop
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Marlena Dulin
  • Sound Booth Director
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Brandon Johnson
  • Live Stream Director
Denise Johnson
  • Office Director
Rick Johnson
  • Minister
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Gary McNeill
  • Minister
Colleen McNeill
  • Sunday School Teacher
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Tyana McNeill
  • Minister
Neville Morrison
  • Minister/Sunday School Teacher
Dalilah Morrison
  • Sunday School Teacher
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Paulette Thompson
  • Sunday School Director
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Greg Thompson
  • Global Missions Coordinator
Brent Bovell
  • Men's Ministry Coordinator
Carlton Eley
  • Men's Ministry Coordinator
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Tiffany Eley
  • Ladies Ministry Coordinator